Posted on: November 4, 2008 6:13 pm

From a sad old white guy....on election day

Odd thoughts while wondering whatever happened to Henry Aaron:

I hoped the title made you cringe a little bit. I hope it made you uncomfortable. I hope it made you wonder if what you were about to read would be a racist bash on Barack Obama.

Don't worry, it isn't.

Nor is it a commendation for Obama. What it is, is a sad revelation that I had this weekend.

My church sponsored a 'Trunk or Treat' for neighborhood kids on Saturday, Nov. 1st. One of our families was dressed as secret service personnel. (Actually, they looked more like the Blues Brothers, but we'll let that slide). In discussions with the dad, we discussed the election. In the discussion, we mused to what the job of a secret service worker might be like if Obama wins today. We both thought that the job would become much more difficult.

I began to trace back the thought. Why would it be more difficult? The answer is obvious. As the first black president, Obama would automatically be a target for anti black groups. This saddens me, as a victim of racial violence in the late 60s and early 70s. I was victimized by watching black friends deal with all kinds of bigotry as a young man. I lived in an area with great cultural and racial diversity. During times of racial unrest, I would not be able to see my black and Hispanic friends. It just wasn't good practice. Sooner or later, someone in our group would suffer the consequences. I had full cans of pop and bricks thrown at me by white people for being an 'N.... lover'. My friends received crap from blacks for being an 'Uncle Tom'. Most of this was perpetrated by people from outside our community who came in for the 'fun'.

So, why would Obama be a target. The sad realization is this. We really haven't come that far in race relations. Never, to my knowledge, has a sitting president been a target for assasination because of the COLOR OF HIS SKIN. Thus, the conclusion has to be that blacks have never targeted the president for totally racial reasons. I feel assured that will not be the case if Obama is elected.

Racism is merely clouded by political correctness. No minority group should ever be concerned with the view of someone like John Rocker. He was visible and 'on the record' with his views. He was nuts, but you knew where he stood.  The danger comes from racists who profess to be tolerent of racial differences. Ask our service men and women fighting in Iraq, Afganistan, and formerly in Viet Nam. When you cannot see your enemy, or identify your enemy in a group of people, it becomes exponentially more difficult to fight. Oh yes, racism still exists in great quantity. Now, people don't profess it publicly. They hide it behind closed doors of board rooms , in exectutive offices, or even in community meetings. The racism is more covert than it was in the 60s and 70s, but it is still there.

I welcome minority views. If I am all wet, I apologize. If not, understand that there is one guy out here who trys to get it. I will never know how you feel, but I feel for you.

God bless you all and God Bless America.

Take care.

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